Social Media

Anyone can facebook, anyone can tweet. But not everyone can reach your target audience on a level that inspires engagement. I can. Unfortunately for us all, the days of the ‘free’ social media model have dissolved into monetized targeted marketing.  Many of the avenues of social media are now driven under a ‘pay-to-promote’ model in which companies are required to pay to reach the eyes of their followers. This is where well developed, targeted social campaigns and relevant content work to increase the effectiveness of […]

Freelance Writing/Blogging

All things considered, I’m also a pretty talented writer. Fast, fluent, and I carry a professional, yet amusing voice to my work that most robot, machine like copywriters simply cannot. I have published numerous blogs, magazine articles, and newspaper/print media articles and enjoy the creative process of designing written communications. I learn the elements of what makes your business tick, and create meaningful, engaging content that speaks to your target audience. My work has appeared in NH to Do Magazine, Merrimack Valley […]