Social Media

girl-pose-344322_1280Anyone can facebook, anyone can tweet. But not everyone can reach your target audience on a level that inspires engagement. I can.

Unfortunately for us all, the days of the ‘free’ social media model have dissolved into monetized targeted marketing.  Many of the avenues of social media are now driven under a ‘pay-to-promote’ model in which companies are required to pay to reach the eyes of their followers. This is where well developed, targeted social campaigns and relevant content work to increase the effectiveness of your (now paid) message.  Regardless of industry, I dig deep to decipher the 5 W’s of Marketing your message (Who, What, Where, When and Why). Then, by using the right social branding and content delivery services, I can drive your content to both inspire and stimulate your audience, leaving them wanting more. I use a variety of channels as a medium to communicate: custom blog posts, print articles, press releases, web and print content, and email marketing materials. I don’t just regurgitate other people’s ideas under your logo. From Email marketing (Constant Contact, MailChimp) to WordPress Blogging, Twitter/facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram, I can make your content ‘pop’ and keep your customers interested in your brand. Using Google analytics, SEO analysis and hosting stats I can then demonstrate the return on your investment in terms of engagement and your online presence, and explain – in laymen’s terms – the current state of social media – the model changes at never before seen speed and it is my job to stay on top of the tools and trends that are most effective.