WordPress Management

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGot Web? It’s probably WordPress if you’ve kept yourself in line with the times. WordPress has become the standard for content driven websites and is an amazing open source tool with incredible control and limitless potential. I know my way around a WordPress environment and offer down to earth WordPress management, maintenance and support services. The simple fact is, keeping an engaging online presence is time consuming, and if you aren’t up to speed it can be incredibly inefficient to try to manage it alone. My expertise is in maximizing existing site potential using the latest plugins, themes, and customizations that are typically easy to use, reliable, and often free. And Everyone likes free. While not a web developer, my skill is in the area of content delivery – ensuring that your online and social presence actually reflects the mission of your business. My goal is to keep your online presence looking and feeling current, engaging and professional while ensuring it is properly designed for current SEO marketing standards. I also manage customer engagement through the use of analytics tools and can demonstrate what they best respond to. No one has quite perfected the means of tracking ROI to social media and web marketing, but the use of analytics certainly helps, yet few smaller organizations have the means to track and manage their message, let alone deliver it.