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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the one thing you can tell me that will save me time from reading all these FAQ’s?

A: I deliver Trust. People that work with me trust that I will do the right thing, at the right time, in their best interest. Nothing builds business relationships like the concept of trust.

Q. What do you charge for a consultation?

A: Nothing. I love to talk with potential clients who have a serious interest in developing, maintaining, or improving a sound social/digital marketing strategy. This is the only way to understand if there is a fit and assure a strong working relationship. By laying out goals, deliverables, and parameters we can develop a social media strategy that works for your business, and modify it as we learn your customer’s response.

Q. I hired a killer website development firm, why would I need you?

A: The old phrase ‘build it and they will come’ does not apply to the web. You can have the greatest looking website in the world, but without good content and an active presence promoting that content, your website will hardly be seen. Search Engines feed on current, relevant content – frequent updates, video/media, photos, and above all engagement by others (shares, likes, opens, etc.) Your website is just a parking space, without content you have a modern day yellow pages that cost an awful lot more. Content marketing media feeds ideas to a targeted audience – unlike a newspaper ad for example – and someone needs to understand the ins and outs of how to deliver content and generate consumer engagement. Which may lead to the question – what is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Q. How is your business set up and how do you bill your clients?

A: Thirst Productions is an LLC registered in the State of NH. I work on an hourly basis starting at $65/hr as well as offer a number of service packages (monthly support and delivery of content and social media, SEO services, and Google Analytics) that are assessed based on the needs of your brand.

Q. Do you conduct all the work yourself or do you outsource/subcontract?

A: Generally, I do everything myself. I do however have a terrific network of talented local resources which I can recommend that comes from many years in the IT staffing industry. If I can’t do something well, I would rather give someone else the opportunity to deliver quality work for my client. Typically, this includes graphic design and major web development projects or high-end photography and Photoshop work. Certain things such as stock images or logo work may be outsourced, but generally, I do not sub contract major deliverables or content unless it makes sense to my clients best interest.

Q. Agencies offer a lot more in the way of specific deliverables and packages, why are your parameters so loose?

A: Because every client is different, has different needs and goals for their marketing campaigns, and every industry has different consumers. In other words, one size doesn’t fit all. Since I don’t have to pay a full creative staff, I also provide a much more one on one experience and do not require huge outlays of capital. If the product works, more business comes organically.

Q. What are your terms in regards to contracts/commitments.

A: Currently I do not require commitments outside of work agreed upon and completed. There is enough demand for my type of services that I would rather be producing great work as opposed to arguing about contracts.

Q. Will you Charge me if I have a question or correction/update?

A: Typically, as a service to my clients I am happy to assist with questions, share knowledge, and provide basic support – provided it is not a time intensive task. I only bill for deliverables.

Q. Why are you cheap(er) than agencies? You pay for what you get, right?

A: This is true. However, it’s all relative. Without the overhead of staff, I can work directly with a limited set of clients. My goal is not to take on more work than I can handle but to be the best I can be and provide personalized services.

Q. What is your value add?

A: Unlike many agencies or independent contractors, copywriters and creatives, I have a very strong background in technology (IT) so I can leverage the technical tools available not just drop content or technology on your lap and run. This is huge. Technology changes at a furious pace, and staying on top of current trends is key to getting the best web content delivered efficiently. In addition, I am an experienced trainer. Not only can I ‘do’ but I can teach and mentor others. I have over 20 years of personal experiences working for and with Seacoast businesses. I have a significant network, both personally and socially/digitally, and I can teach your company how to build and leverage yours. Also, this type of work is difficult. Most web developers simply don’t want to do this type of work; it’s an underserved talent that has recently shown to be in high demand.

Q. Where are you located and do you travel?

A: I cover the corridor from the Portsmouth, NH area, along the Seacoast and up to Conway NH. My primary base is in Portsmouth, NH. I will work with clients throughout the state and will travel locally to client sites at no charge. Frequent trips for meetings or outside the general Seacoast area will require travel reimbursement.

Q. What is it that you do, exactly?

A: I work with clients to design, develop, produce and report engaging content – that is – written and visual products that support your company brand. Your goal may be sales, marketing, outreach or awareness, company branding or product development – to me – it’s all about the message.  This can also include visual design elements such as your web page, LinkedIn profile, twitter, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram presence.

Q. What areas of business are specialties?

A. I am particularly experienced in general business, with a focus on entrepreneurial/startups and small businesses looking to move to the next level. I have a background in retail, technology, training, and staffing/recruiting and carry an MBA from the University of New Hampshire. I enjoy learning new things and make the effort to best understand the market that your company wishes to serve. My most typical clients are in the business, staffing and recruiting space, but I have worked with dentists, nonprofits, lawyers, wineries, physical therapy, newspaper/magazines/media, PR, and other small businesses.

Q. How do I contact you?

A. Emailing your contact info is your best option: info@thirstproductions .com and or by using Linkedin.  I will gladly call you back at a conveniently scheduled time.

Q. What’s the deal with your blog?

A. It is a showcase of my writing abilities based on topics I believe to be of interest. There are no rules or restraints, and the content is my own. My portfolio page represents certain work that I have done for clients and employers over the span of my career that can be shared. Many times I work as a behind the scenes ghostwriter so much more content is merged with a company’s general communications.

Q: What Tools and Technologies do you use?

The de facto tool of choice for the web is currently WordPress – a content management system (CMS) designed to allow users to take control of their own content. Using WordPress as a platform, I work with all of the major social media channels (Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Hootsuite, Buffer) to promote customized content.

In addition, I use a couple of dozen select WordPress Plugins that do everything from adding easy social sharing functionality, to providing full backup and recovery of your WordPress site. I can implement basic security, scan your installation for viruses, and manage pages and posts at your request.

Q. What is customized content?

A: Customized content is articles/blogs written for and with a company’s primary players. I am a storyteller and build stories out of ideas that are interesting, engaging, and easy to read. Generic content is reusable content that you will find on any website in your chosen industry. It is cheap, easily recognized, and seen as filler. Engagement is often low, but pages tend to ‘look pretty’ and slide on by the managers who fail to monitor closely what their expensive agencies are producing!

Q. How do we know you’re any good at this stuff?

A: Of over 4000 Linkedin connections? Just sayin’…Lucky number thirteen is coming up next.

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