As information for business analytics becomes increasingly complex, new tools for interpreting business intelligence sourced from a wide range of datasets become increasingly important. Elasticsearch is an open-source, non-relational database based on the Lucene search engine that can help your business thrive in an evolving environment in four powerful ways.

Elasticsearch Is a Powerful Centralized Database for Storing and Analyzing Logs

Elasticsearch allows you to visualize and interpret behavior utilizing log data to identify unusual activity patterns, organizational weaknesses, and trends in the market that human analysts are unlikely to identify. This is in part because of the large amount of data that must be interpreted and the extensive network of information sources that must be drawn upon to collect and interpret this data. By aggregating your data in a central location, in-depth analysis becomes possible. Are your sales lower today than they have been on the same day over the last several months, and how does weather factor in? With hosted Elasticsearch, this information is only a search away.

Elasticsearch Supports a Variety of Programming Languages

Because Elasticsearch supports a variety of programming languages including Java, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python, and many others, it can seamlessly integrate data from your favorite applications. The days of being overwhelmed by information from separate sources that were unable to communicate are over.

Elasticsearch Offers Enhanced Scalability

Elasticsearch offers superior scalability for text searching large data sets. From a programming standpoint, Elasticsearch is an incredible tool. It allows you to start small and quickly grow as your needs increase because of its distributed structure which enables you to add nodes to your network as needed. Elasticsearch is designed to be horizontally scalable with fault tolerance and redundancy of data housed on distributed nodes. This offers you the best protection for your data, and with hosted Elasticsearch you’ll always be upgraded as new versions are released.

Elasticsearch Has Full Kibana Integration

Quickly visualizing data in a No-SQL environment is a challenge. With Elasticsearch, the popular web-based application Kibana can be easily integrated. Kibana is useful for rapidly generating real-time data visualizations. Elasticsearch enhances Kibana functionality by indexing and storing the information that is relevant to business intelligence.

Elasticsearch has the ability to unlock business intelligence for your enterprise like never before. With the relevant data at your fingertips, you’ll have access to the most informed business intelligence to correctly analyze and act on the needs of your enterprise.

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