Demystifying Digital Marketing.

What it is, what it does, why you need it (even if you think you don’t!)

This Live (now recorded) presentation is an overview of current marketing trends and some of the digital tools and techniques available to small to mid-sized businesses who run a tight (but realistic) marketing budget presented in coordination with the Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce. In it, we discuss the difference between a website and a highly functional website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and why it is so important to your business, social media (why it isn’t free even though many people think it is), and ways to break out of the social media bubble through email marketing and remarketing.

Rich Collins of Thirst Productions, now based in Chocorua, will present ideas and tips on how to leverage low cost technology tools available and where to spend more money to get the *right* clients and send the *right* messages — without spending a fortune. Rich has been working with small to mid-sized businesses for many years offering a down to earth, pragmatic approach to digital marketing, building on small successes to turn growing businesses into marketing machines.  

In addition to the video above, supplemental reading materials are also available in PDF format for folks to take offline. 

Digital Marketing efforts will only increase over time
Earning Trust is everything
Marketing to current customers is just as important as reaching new customers
Agility is key