All things considered, I’m also a pretty talented writer. Fast, fluent, and I carry a professional, yet amusing voice to my work that most robot, machine-like copywriters simply cannot. I have published numerous blogs, magazine articles, and newspaper/print media articles and enjoy the creative process of designing written communications. I learn the elements of what makes your business tick and create meaningful, engaging content that speaks to your target audience. My work has appeared in NH to Do Magazine, Merrimack Valley Magazine, the Portsmouth Herald, and on various business blogs and print materials, websites and social media campaigns for my clients. Somewhere in my files, I have an official MBA from the University of New Hampshire  (concentration in marketing) so I everything I develop is tailored to a goal of promoting overall business objectives and developing brand loyalty. I can be prolific and produce content rapidly, but on occasion slow the engines down to perfect/wordsmith content to ensure it has a long-standing impact. See my portfolio and blog for samples of my work.

Blog Development

You know your business better than anyone else, you know your customers, your industry and your strengths and weaknesses within it. So why don’t you share your knowledge and blog about it regularly?

Simple. You just never find the time. The ROI on the few hours you spend writing is limited as you most likely need that time to make important decisions. Am I saying blogging isn’t important? Absolutely not, it is a direct connection to your customer. Adding real value through your blog just doesn’t seem to fit into your day, and that’s quite alright. That’s what I am here for.

I work with you, your teams, your managers, or your employees to get ideas and a sense of your business model, who you are and what messages are most important for you to relay. Unlike an offshore blogger, I engage either via phone or in person to discuss topics and ideas of interest turning them into creative and slightly edgy content (canned, stock content is worthless – you simply must produce content that has interest so a little edge can be helpful).

I also don’t have time for contracts and commitments, I charge per blog so you can decide how frequent you need content. The only add-on costs I would share are if you want customized images (you should) or would like me to generate and post the content in real time (usually via WordPress). In this case, I have a flat hourly rate that is most reasonable when compared to your time or the increasingly expensive time of the creative agencies.

So give me a shot, the best that can happen – increased customer engagement, soaring profits. The worst that can happen? You temporarily free up some time for yourself and realize that only you can create the best content and take over the reins yourself someday. I have many examples of my writing in my portfolio and online so be sure to check out some of my work.