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There are two types of websites out there. Those that work for you and those that simply exist.

Your website is the face of your business when you can’t be, and keeping it at its best – strong and healthy – is key to winning the long game. Yet so many people have turned to the big box value plans and let their websites go off to die a long and lonely death by obsolescence. 

In some ways, it makes sense. These days, anyone can make a website, there are so many tools and opportunities to put pages on the web. But like with any profession – from plumbing to auto mechanics – you often pay for what you get. While you may be able to get a nice looking webpage up and running  – you have to ask yourself if you’re doing the right things in the right places – or you may never get the traffic you want. You’ll also end up tied into the “free” builder plans that nickel and dime you for every service you need. The old phrase “Built it and they Will Come” doesn’t apply to the web, it’s a complicated system that has gotten incredibly technical…even though it appears to be as simple as words and photos on the page – it’s an incredibly complex machine with countless points of intersection. 

So no matter how many of your friends say “your site looks great!” – never lose sight of the purpose – to attract, retain, and convert guests into customers. That is what I do: design and support web-driven products that make a direct connection between potential customers and businesses, efficiently. Many times it’s the backend processes that make or break your reach and help you get (and stay) ranked, consistently, on Google. We’re talking things like Speed, User Experience, Link Integrity, Backlinks, Integration with other Tools and APIs, ability to use Analytics – and how they all play together. While I tend to be no frills on the front end, I manage the backend to maximize your investment by using the right tools at the right time. 

Don’t let your vision for your business be scarred by a poorly built and maintained website. And if you think social media is the answer – do some real research. Don’t put all your eggs in that basket! Social media is a dying, pay to play marketing tool that offers you no control – you can lose your entire following in a heartbeat. Take charge of the one thing you can fully own – your web presence – and do it the right way. You invested in your business and your marketing – why not optimize your digital presence on the regular and keep it working at it’s best!

fast My website looks great, why do I need you to manage it?

Like all things technical – it will break. And someone needs to fix it! Plus, you may be blissfully unaware of things like hacks and intrusions that could be damaging your domain reputation and your business.

Your site may become obsolete to the point that it can be very difficult to update without starting over. This is perhaps the most common reason I see for people needed a new website. The old site is outdate, unfixable and there is an urgent need to get things going again. Be proactive!

“Rush” and on-demand troubleshooting and resolution costs are higher if you don’t have technical support actively engaged and invested in your success. By keeping your site healthy – you are one step closer to a quick resolution when something goes awry

Site errors are seen by search engines can affect your organic search ranking, enough to give a competitor an edge or blackball you and your domain.
A poorly maintained site signals to your ideal customers that you aren’t professional or attentive to detail in general.  

Biggest WordPress Challenges Concerns

Frequent software updates help protect your site from hack intrusions.
Longevity: WordPress, your theme, and your plugin software are all meant to be updated incrementally. If there is a long lapse between maintenance sessions, an update that jumps several version releases may create a problem that will take the site down or make it potentially unusable.

Someone with expertise and awareness of current issues can respond to alerts about site problems as they occur and has the knowledge to stay on top of issues before they happen.

WordPress is open source – it’s a living breathing machine that is constantly being updated, improved and rebuilt. Plugins, the tools we use to make things happen – need to also be updated and supported. Sometimes, they just stop working and have to be replaced (much like a spark plug wire in your car). It needs care and feeding to work optimally. 


For starters, Google’s ranking favors fast sites with good mobile performance. And like servicing your car, servicing your website keeps it performing it’s best, fast and efficiently. Don’t take my word for it – try a speedtest now:


 Levels of Maintenance

Technical WordPress website maintenance: The authors of your various themes and plugins don’t know each other and don’t work together to make sure their products are compatible with every other software product on the market. Responsible software authors are continually updating their software to deal with security threats and enhance their functionality. As a result, there are frequent conflicts between products that mess up your functionality or your display. WordPress websites are in constant need of attention to software updates to keep your software current. 

Technical Maintenance is the task of keeping your software up-to-date and troubleshooting your site when something breaks.

Find a level below that supports your business goals!

When a hosting company promises “fully managed hosting,” it means that they will optimize the server software where your website lives. But it does not mean they will troubleshoot your website if changes on the server cause your site to fail. If you have ever witnessed the finger-pointing that goes on between a hosting company and a site maintenance person when a site is fatally broken, you know how frustrating it can be to have no one willing to take responsibility to resolve the problem. We’ve experienced times when sites were down for literally days unnecessarily when a server change caused multiple websites to fail.

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With technology, nothing is ever ‘standardized’ – I do my best to break my hosting and support plans into three tiers to fir the needs of individual businesses.

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“I cannot say enough good things about Rich Collins and Thirst Productions. He is straight out amazing. Rich helped refresh our company brand and website in a way that more accurately conveys who we are and our vision as a company. He also has and continues to, help us with SEO and our presence on all social media platforms. He is very efficient, responsive and just gets it done. We are very happy to have found Rich, and he has quickly become an indispensable part of our team here at Peak. Without hesitation or reservation, we recommend him to any clients or colleagues that need help with marketing at any level.”

Maki Pombo

Managing Partner, Peak Business Consultants, LLC

Rich Collins is an amazingly multi-talented individual. He was absolutely perfect for my right-hand man at the Green Alliance because he was willing to push me when necessary. He is very forward thinking and I would suggest any company would be lucky to have him in their employ. He always went above and beyond, constantly thinking of how we could do things better and then also helping to actually DO those things. As a boss I find there are lots of people with lots of great ideas but do they actually help to implement them? Rich Collins most certainly does. I am grateful for all the hours and quality work he put into the Green Alliance.”

Sarah Brown

Director, Green Alliance