Customers want reassurances before they invest money in a product or service. Choosing a business based solely on an advertising slogan or a slick advertisement can come back to haunt consumers. Reading reviews does provide a decent insight into what to expect. Or does it? Paid reviews proliferate on the internet. Sometimes, they work. Business owners thinking about purchasing Facebook reviews might think it’s a good plan. However, here are a few insights into why buying Facebook reviews can be a bad idea.


Do you want to put your faith in someone who doesn’t know what your business does? Buying Facebook reviews is not beneficial to your customers because these reviews are written by someone who’s never visited your business, and they could include misleading information. The writer could play guessing games when it comes time to fill in the blanks about specifics. Or, the writer might make sweeping generalities that don’t lead to a well-written review. 

Misleading and confusing Facebook reviews create false expectations in would-be customers’ minds. Accurate and detailed reviews, however, craft logical impressions in people’s minds. They choose to try things out or pass based on the correct information. The chances of drawing in customers who feel satisfied and present fewer complaints might increase when you choose to wait for legit Facebook reviews instead of buying them.

Could Hurt Your Reputation

Don’t assume the reader won’t know when a review is fake. Most people know something is usually off when a review is over-the-top in its enthusiasm. Also, the review could contain blatant inaccuracies that the reader can’t help but notice. Customers could draw a correlation between a fake review and the business’ integrity. Negative perceptions run amok when customers feel a review is fake. Why fake a positive review unless there is a shortage of real positive ones? Few will believe the positive points in the paid review are correct. Even when you ask the review writer to incorporate legitimate facts into the review, readers could meet the work with suspicion. Remember, fake reviews likely raise many red flags. Reader opinions about fake reviews could harm a business’ reputation. The tragic irony here is an attempt to develop a good relationship leads to a poor one. And once a business’ reputation suffers, a great deal of work becomes necessary to try and fix it. No guarantees exist that any work done to improve a damaged reputation will lead to positive results. The bad reputation can linger for years and years and cost a lot of time and money to repair.

Poor Quality Causes Troubles

The quality of a paid review will vary based on the source of the reviews. Poorly written reviews won’t be of much help. In fact, they could hurt the cause since low-quality writing may come with inaccuracies and corner-cutting. Even when the reviews are honest, and the writer puts in a decent effort, weak writing doesn’t move anyone. One purpose behind requesting positive reviews is to sway opinions or instill ideas about a business. A lame review doesn’t do much for the reader. They probably won’t finish the review to the end. The content might prove ineffectual and a complete waste of money.

Terms of Service Woes

Facebook and other social media platforms don’t like to see members manipulate things. Of course, brokers sell likes, followers and reviews. If Facebook comes up with an ironclad policy barring the purchasing and publication of fake reviews, things could get difficult quickly. Profiles and accounts often get banned due to terms of service violations. While Facebook hasn’t yet cracked down on fake reviews, things may change, and all those old reviews may need to come down. Your investment will become a losing one at that point.

Reduced Impact

As long as the content of the reviews is honest, then what is the problem? Buying Facebook reviews probably won’t deliver anywhere near the same impact as working on getting customers to write real reviews. While the purchasing strategy could lead to scores of reviews appearing on the social media site within a short period, the end result might be far from what you want. Those reviews could hurt you in many ways. Purchasing fake Facebook reviews isn’t worth it. Why go this road? Deliver reliable service and work at encouraging customers to leave legitimate reviews instead.

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