We all love fairs. The animals, the events, the sites, the sounds. Even the people watching can be down right amazing. But let’s face it, most of us go to consume copious amounts of really, really, really unhealthy food. Something about the open air and all the walking leads us to believe we are super human and can gorge ourselves to the point of no return on deep fried everything, sugar as far as the eye can see, and perhaps an ice cream or a shortcake just to make things right. Here are my picks for the Best 2015 Fryeburg Fair Food (Maine). Having attended many consecutive years I believe I have a formula for some of the best food vendors (if you can call some of this food, that is). If you have any additions, email me at info@thirstproductions.com as I would love to expand the list. I am still hunting for the best french fry, onion ring, and BBQ. Here are my picks.


Mr. Twister the Pretzel Guy.

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pretzel2Handmade Pretzels to die for, with cheese sauce or Ray’s Amazing mustards. All handmade from scratch right before your eyes, baked off, and served warm and doughy with a little crunch and a smattering of salt. So good.







Sunflower Farm Pizza.

Huge slices of thick crust pizza, sheet style, with a monstrous amount of delicious toppings – pepperoni under cheese. Each slice must weigh a pound and is worth every penny of the $4. Look for the long lines and the open space to contain them.

Best Pizza at the Fair

Sunflower Farm – Best Pizza












Tom’s Jumbo Donuts

I look forward to Tom’s every single year. The best donut on the East Coast if not in my entire world. These monstrous, risen dough style donuts are huge and hefty, warm and stick, soft and doughy, and absolutely amazing. I can’t speak highly enough about these treasures. If you know, you know. And you should know.

Thirst Productions New Hampshire Web Developer
























Deep Fried Everything

I’m not sure what the name of this vendor is, but you get the idea. They are the ones that deep fry everything. And I mean everything. Twinkies, bubble gum, Snickers, Sugar Daddy, the list goes on. If it can be deep fried and exceeds your daily recommended caloric intake, they fry it up. More novelty than anything, you really just have to try a deep fried Whoopie Pie before you die, right (though this food may contribute to an early demise…)










Big Dog Daddy

A relative newcomer this year, at least for me, Big Dog Daddy has a great selection of hot dogs, deep fried, in a number of creative ways. Want it wrapped in Bacon and deep fried? Yup. I said Bacon. They also do a cool spiral potato twist they wrap around the dog, and deep fry. Did I mention everything is deep fried? Good french fries as well, and a Poutine with real curd. Freshly Beer battered Corn dogs (not premade). The folks said they hail from VT and use Kayem hot dogs. Good for us! Check out the menu in the pictures below.frydogs



























Inside Food

In the food Pavilion there were two standouts – Ass over Teakettle Bloody Mary Mix and Galaxie Salsa. Spice is nice. Try the Scorpion Pepper Salsa – I was too chicken to and I regret my decision. I love hot food, but my stomach sometimes doesn’t. The Bloody Mary mix was so good without alcohol it was like a meal in and of itself. Galaxie is Maine made and has lots of local ingredients, and differentiates itself by focusing on a zucchini base. These are indoor vendors in the Specialty food section. Also great coffee available from Good Vibes for $10!

galaxie assoverteakettlegood vibes