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Social Media Business Services

Anyone can facebook, even a child can tweet. But not everyone can reach your target audience on a level that inspires engagement like I can. Unfortunately for us all, the days of the ‘free’ social media model have dissolved into monetized targeted marketing.  Many of the avenues of social media are now driven under a ‘pay-to-promote’ model in which companies are required to pay to reach the eyes of their followers. This is where well developed, targeted social campaigns and relevant content work to increase the effectiveness of your (now paid) messages. By developing interesting customized content and leveraging current social media techniques and best practices, I can help deliver your social media strategy.

IT/Technology Support Services

Let's face it, technology is fickle. Error messages and blue screens strike terror into the hearts of users. IT scares people. I work to alleviate tech concerns by both fixing the problems plaguing your home or office network: eliminating bloatware, viruses, and unnecessary outdated technology, backing up important data, solving the ever-present printing and networking problems,  and bringing systems up to date with the latest and greatest technologies. I also differentiate myself by coaching users/teams on best practices via customized training sessions and keep your systems running strong in your current environment.

WordPress Site Management

Got Web? It's probably WordPress if you've kept yourself in line with the times. WordPress has become the standard for content driven websites and is an amazing open source tool with incredible control and limitless potential. I know my way around a WordPress environment and offer down to earth WordPress management, maintenance and support services. The simple fact is, keeping an engaging online presence is time consuming, and if you aren't up to speed it can be incredibly inefficient to try to manage it alone. My expertise is in maximizing existing site potential using the latest plugins, themes, and customizations that are typically easy to use, reliable, and often free.

Customized Content Development

Information. Creativity. Ideas. Action. That's what the new buzzword 'content' is all about. Making stimulating words on a screen to engage people in meaningful conversation, that's what I do. More than words on a screen, my work inspires engagement, and by learning your business I work to develop your 'voice' and carry it through so that your customers come to respect and look forward to your presence on their phones, tablets and screens.

Freelance Writing/Blogging Services

I'm a pretty talented writer. Fast, fluent, and efficient, I carry a professional, yet occasionally amusing voice to my work that most robot, machine like copywriters simply cannot. I have published numerous blogs, magazine articles, and newspaper/print media articles and enjoy the creative process of designing written communications. I learn the elements of what makes your business tick, and create meaningful, engaging content that speaks to your target audience.

Digital Imagery Services

Digital Imagery has taken massive leaps and bounds with the likes of social media outlets with eye catching imagery being key in delivering content. Hubspot knows marketing, and argue that Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets (2015).  Using stock photos and image customizations, I create complimentary visuals to bring your content to life.


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Great Bay Stewards Thirst Productions

Great Bay Stewards – Nonprofit Organization – WordPress Redesign

Website refresh project for nonprofit organization –

Patagonia Logo

Black Friday Turns Altruistic – Patagonia’s plans to donate 100 percent of sales on this day of retail inhumanity.

Upon learning of the passing of North Face founder Douglas Tompkins, I felt inspired to speak out about corporate philanthropy and some of the great work being done by companies with a conscience. However, it’s a genuinely tricky endeavor because the altruistic behavior of a business often originates from the moral compass of the founder(s).  And sadly, it can die with the founder as the company is passed on to children, restructured, or and acquired by those with deep pockets […]

Thirst Productions - My life in the gig economy

My Life in the Gig Economy, Linkedin, and Running a Responsible Business

It’s 2016, My life in the Gig Economy is going well. I just hope my blog is still up to date?  With so much going on professionally, it’s hard to stay on top of your own marketing game sometimes! But I’m still me, and working solo has been great to me so far. And just so you know – I’m not that girl in the photo. That’s a little game I like to play with stock photos just to keep […]

andree van oss

Aesthetics Matter – Insight from the New Hampshire Brand Project Blog Featuring the Founder of Andree Van Oss Creative

This week on the NH Brand Project live radio show, hosts Michael Cameron, and Co-Hosts Rich Collins speak with the Creative Director and Marketing Strategist of Andree Van Oss Creative. Andree has a number of fingers in the New Hampshire entrepreneurial pie, having started the Buff & File Nail Bar (a manicure and pedicure salon) in downtown Portsmouth. She also engages in freelance graphic design and marketing and manages business identities through Van Oss Creative. Andree brought some great experiences […]

fml-thirst-productions millennials

Are Poor, Impoverished Millennials, you know, Still Millennials?

On Millennials. I am happy to put myself out on the line here, and if only to make a point, I will play my ignorance card in spades – let me know in the comments if the following is entirely off base. I am genuinely curious – is anyone paying attention to the millennial age workers who are poor? Those who grow up without significant financial resources and who may be underserved in education, perhaps unable to attend college, and […]

Cheap Content Stinks

Don’t “Fluff” Out – Rich Content is the Only Content Worth Sharing

Beware of Promises of Cheap and Easy Content! I am always on the lookout for assistance in producing content, I simply only have so many hours in a day to do what I love. I’ve explored outsourcing, interns, guest writers, content clearing houses, and even as potential avenues to provide supplemental content development services. To date, I have seen little in the way of quality content that I would use – aside from unpaid communications from thought leaders and […]

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