Top Eats at the Fryeburg Fair (2015)

We all love fairs. The animals, the events, the sites, the sounds. Even the people watching can be down right amazing. But let’s face it, most of us go to consume copious amounts of really, really, really unhealthy food. Something about the open air and all the walking leads us to believe we are super human and can gorge ourselves to the point of no return on deep fried everything, sugar as far as the eye can see, and perhaps […]

Symphonies in the Mount Washington Valley.

Currently in this day and age we have the most amazing access to music. Just when you thought the ipod revolutionized the world with digital music, in come services like Spotify and Pandora, and Apple music open up the listener’s world like never before believed possible. I read somewhere that some 4 million songs on Spotify had never even been played even once, meaning, there is a never ending supply of endless music out there. We simply don’t have time to […]

Scars of Irene Feature Story Conway Daily Sun

Feature Story, Scars of Irene, Conway Daily Sun

Feature Story in Print and Online Edition of The Conway Daily Sun, Conway NH. An exploration of the damage that remains from Hurricane Irene in our Rivers and Streams in the Mount Washington Valley, New Hampshire. 1/16/2016. Irene graced us with her presence in August of 2011. According to, the ninth named storm and first hurricane of the season pushed her way north through New York to New England, where massive flooding took place, over 3 million people lost […]