As is true with everyone, we are always looking for smarter and more effective ways to grow their market and network. With the advent of countless business-centered platforms, it can be difficult to determine which ones are actually helpful. Here are 4 online platforms you should be utilizing to bolster your networking reach. 

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is quickly becoming one of the most important tools for any business owner or marketer. With over 500 million total users and 50% of those being active on a monthly basis, LinkedIn is currently among the hottest platforms to network online. Companies use this website for a host of networking purposes such as hiring employees, finding clients, consulting, and more. The true power of LinkedIn lies in the algorithm that helps to connect users naturally with other members on the platform that are of benefit. As the tagline of the company suggests, LinkedIn truly helps to produce opportunities, knowledge, and insights.


2. CrunchBase

CrunchBase is a lesser-known platform that can help businesses to gather critical information about other companies in both the private and public sphere. Initially, the platform was created to track the progress of startups. Throughout the years, CrunchBase has expanded to include information on companies throughout the entire world. Some of the common information that can be found on this platform includes news on acquisitions and mergers, company history, leadership positions, staff, and other important items about specific businesses. Business leaders, like Toby Scammell, use CrunchBase to gather information about their market and other competitors within the space.


3. Powerlinx

Powerlinx is a relatively new platform that helps to connect companies with strategic partners to help with growth and development. Business owners and marketers can use Powerlinx to find new opportunities within their market, search for potential partners, determine compatibility, and develop new partnerships on the platform itself. All companies on the platform have a compatibility rating listed to their name to give business owners a rough idea of how well the two companies would work together. This platform is a great way to find specifically related businesses to work with.

4. Instagram

Instagram may not seem like a powerful platform for businesses. However, this social media platform is quickly becoming the most popular. In fact, Instagram is currently raking in one billion active users per month. This number represents an untold number of leads and customers that could be generated with the right effort and game plan.

The internet is providing companies with more ways to grow and connect than ever before. There are several platforms that are being utilized every day by companies desiring to become more successful. LinkedIn, CrunchBase, and Powerlinx are a power-trio of platforms that can help to boost the growth of a company. Business owners and marketers alike should be looking to see how their companies can profit from using these platforms.

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