Thirst Productions‘ founder Rich Collins was a recent guest on The New Hampshire Brand Project on Portsmouth Community Radio, WSCA, where he spoke about Thirst Productions, his digital marketing/content development consulting business based right here on the New Hampshire Seacoast.

Hosts Michael Cameron and Kristi Baxter (also of Win-Win@Work) spoke with Rich on his philosophies on marketing, social media, and means to engage the millennial generation in content-driven marketing efforts.

There is a lot to be said about history, and a lot to be said about how we have become to be that you easily forget – you just get so busy. I think businesses face the same thing, they have these great backgrounds – stories if you will, of how they came to be/started, the heart of the company, the goals and values of the company, but as they begin to operate, they lose sight of who they were, because they start driving business so much – operations take over the focus of the business. I like to go in and kind of figure out who they are again, their roots as a business, what their core values are; and re-translate that message into a marketing message their company can leverage.

Listen to the full audio of the show here. The first 10 minutes is light small talk but I speak about my business model starting at the 110-minute mark, feel free to skip the introductions!



If you prefer to read offline, a transcript of the show is also available.


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