Rich is a guest on the New Hampshire Brand Project Radio Show!

Thirst Productions‘ founder Rich Collins was a recent guest on The New Hampshire Brand Project on Portsmouth Community Radio, WSCA, where he spoke about Thirst Productions, his digital marketing/content development consulting business based right here on the New Hampshire Seacoast. Hosts Michael Cameron and Kristi Baxter (also of Win-Win@Work) spoke with Rich on his philosophies on marketing, social media, and means to engage the millennial generation in content driven marketing efforts. There is a lot to be said about history, […]

Get Caught Doing Good Things.

This blog was originally written and posted by Market Street Talent’s Social Engagement Manager Rich Collins on the Market Street Talent blog. We were recently lucky enough to attend the New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility’s 2015 Spring Conference “Think Bigger, Dig Deeper,” an event geared toward recognizing and promoting sustainability for New Hampshire businesses. Here we were able to learn about current sustainability issues in business and how we can bring them to light within our own organization. Sustainability in business (especially […]

Women as Leaders in Top Technology Startups – the Unicorns of the Business World?

Looks like the Huffington Post has been taking cues from Market Street Talent’s Women in Tech Blogs! Of course, we won’t take all the credit of drawing attention to the issue, it’s quite the universal topic of interest these days, it seems. Here’s more fuel for the fire. The Women in technology topic made the cover of Huffington Post Magazine, where the news organization makes their point, quite bluntly, that women aren’t top leaders in tech. Check it out: “Unicorns* […]

-K.S., New Hampshire Client

Founding Principal, User Experience Design Consultant at Usable Interface “It’s very hard to find talent recruiters that have an in-depth understanding of the User Experience (UX) industry. Rich is an invaluable resource in this area. He understands the terminology, methods, and skills that employers are looking for in UX candidates and he knows how to match them with the right company. We’re very lucky to have him and his team as a resource in the Seacoast region”

J.L.F., Connecticut Client.

“Recently, I received a new job title and responsibilities, and went to add this to my resume. I’d realized I had not updated the format of my resume since the early 90’s and thought it would be a good time to get a new look and present my expertise more efficiently, and with a more current design. Knowing Rich was a hiring professional, I asked for his assistance in making these updates. He has extensive knowledge of what information is […]

Hinge Marketing

“The work is there; I just can’t find the right people.”

As orignally posted on Linkedin Pulse.  Has your business hit an operational stumbling block, finding it difficult to meet demand and deliver top quality products or services efficiently? Not because the clients or the capital is lacking, but because there is a talent bottleneck in finding and retaining the right people for the job? If so, you are not alone. This was one of many messages recently shared by Hinge Marketing’s Lee Frederiksen, Managing Partner, Strategist, and Growth Expert at […]