Cold November Rain

I cannot tell a lie. November depresses me. Stuck somewhere between Autumn, my favorite season, amd winter snows that blanket New England (sometimes, but not always my second favorite season.) November sticks out like a pimp in church but life must go on. Not far from my residence is a series of trails connected together on conservation land, the Weeks Trails as they are known, which exists as part of the original Weeks’ estate. If you like history there is […]

Top Eats at the Fryeburg Fair (2015)

We all love fairs. The animals, the events, the sites, the sounds. Even the people watching can be down right amazing. But let’s face it, most of us go to consume copious amounts of really, really, really unhealthy food. Something about the open air and all the walking leads us to believe we are super human and can gorge ourselves to the point of no return on deep fried everything, sugar as far as the eye can see, and perhaps […]

Sunday Fun Day, Seacoast Brewery Edition

Let’s face it, Beer is the new wine. With craft beer skyrocketing in popularity and new microbrews appearing on the horizon at breakneck speeds all around us, the transition to a beer culture just can’t be ignored. The Seacoast (NH) Beer Group on Facebook has over 2000 members and is one of the most prolific producers of facebook content in my feed. People are just plain into the craft beer thing around here. Passionate lush’s like myself now have terrific […]

Prescott Park – How Portsmouth Shines

We have our own perfect little gem of a park down on the Piscataqua river waterfront – Prescott Park. I recall an evening we saw a live, open air performance of The Cowboy Junkies who I didn’t quite realize had their heyday around 1988. So, suffice to say there was quite a turnout to see the show of folks my age and older, many of whom were excited to see the Junkies after all these years. “Last time I saw them was […]

Windows 10. A satirical love story.

So which statement would you prefer to hear? “The IRS is conducting an audit of your 2015 tax return” Or “Windows Update has begun installing 187 new files. It is 2% complete. Please do not turn off your machine even though you are ready to go home now.” Yes friends, it’s time again for a new version of the mighty Windows operating system. Microsoft, being the care free monopolistic mega power that they are, have conveniently bypassed the logical next version, number 9, […]